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import useState from 'react'
import Switch from '@headlessui/react'

function Example() {
const [enabled, setEnabled] = useState(true)

return (
  <form action="/notification-settings" method="post">
    <Switch checked="enabled" onChange="setEnabled" name="notifications">
      /* ... */

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Provide a public GitHub repository URL to index and search its source code.

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Just paste the URL of your public repository and we will index it for you. No need to install anything.

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Support for private repositories

Need to search your private repositories? We support that too. Just head to our documentation to learn how to set it up. Ah, we also support GitHub Enterprise.

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Well documented API

Want to integrate with your own tooling? We have a well documented API that you can use to integrate with your own tooling. All you need to do is to import our Postman collection.

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